Mentionable Quotes by Paul Clever

“I want to take a KISS to Washington D.C.: Keep it Simple Stupid”. – Paul Clever

“Politicians know when to vote “Yes”. Leaders know when to vote “No”. -Paul Clever

“Foreign Aid (outside of humanitarian charity) should only go to established Foreign Allies.” – Paul Clever

“I support having an American “Safety Net” to ease periodic tough times but I reject having an American Safety Hammock. Protracted charity to the physically fit erodes self-reliance, self-determination, and self-accountability.” – Paul Clever

“If America breaks (physically or mentally) a member of our Armed Forces, then we are obligated to support their recovery with quality care, understanding, and gratitude.” – Paul Clever

“As a Mississippian I understand the word “charity”. Some folks need a helping hand from time to time. As a Mississippian I struggle with the word “entitlement”.” – Paul Clever

“Engaging in a large military action without a formal Declaration of War casts off the responsibilities of war which should be carried by the U. S. Congress, by the American People, and by our enemies. ” – Paul Clever

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