The Mississippi Flag

The Mississippi Flag

Who decides what the flag should look like?

  In April 17, 2001 Mississippi Voters made a majority decision in the Mississippi Flag Referendum with 64.39% of voters deciding to retain the current flag. The people have chosen their flag.

  It is my opinion the choice of flag resides with the people and not the Court, the Governor, or the Legislature.

  Because values of a group do change overtime it stands to reason a periodic vetting of Flag and People is appropriate. As a Mississippian I would support a scheduled vetting (referendum) of the flag design every seventy-five (75) years (once in an average lifetime). Like the 2001 Referendum the current flag and one alternate flag can be presented. Fifty-percent (Plus One) of the vote decides on the flag. This would better reflect the will of the people and prevent “knee-jerk” reactionary decisions which disrupt the unification of the people along with the culture and heritage of the group. Ask my son this question again in 2076.

Where the flag should be flown?

  A State flag is the symbol of the State and its people. The Mississippi flag should be flown with distinction and respect at all locations which receive one penny or more of Mississippi State Funding. The Mississippi flag should be allowed display without interference by any person or institution choosing to do so.