Use of Military Force

Use of Military Force

I take the matter of sending our American Sons and Daughters to the battlefield very seriously. Wars create suffering for the American Warriors and their American Families. This suffering can last for their lifetimes and beyond.

  The first thing an American Fighting Force needs before leaving for the battlefield is a Commander-in-Chief with a Warrior’s Sprit. This should be considered in the selection of our next President.

 The second thing an American Fighting Force needs is a formal Declaration of War which specifies the reason(s) and goals of the war. This document is needed for the humanitarian treatment of prisoners and the exchange of those prisoners at the end of hostilities. The War does not end until the prisoners come home.

 The third thing needed is the assurance our American Fighting Force knows their mission is noble and aligns with the ideal of a free nation: The Righteous Mission. This includes the righteous support and defense of allies. It is not the mission of the United States Military to engage in police actions or wars for the purpose of economic motivations.

The Islamic State (ISIS): Under the principles I have given we should not commit Military Forces to the region (again) until after the next election and new Commander-in-Chief is named. Even then we should not engage without a formal Declaration of War. Support of our Iraqi Ally is determined by whether this ally behaves like an ally and is still recognized as an ally.

Once Military Force is committed the horror of war has been released. The military victory must be absolute and the fear of an American return (if needed) must be absolute as well. This is the only way to insure protracted insurgencies such as we see today do not continue. The “politics of war” end with the Declaration of War. The “politics of peace” begin with the unconditional surrender of the enemy.