Tax Pledge and Tax Reform

During the current Republican Primary Campaign I was approached by a group known as “Americans for Tax Reform” (ATR) and given the “opportunity” to sign their Taxpayer Protection Pledge. I declined this opportunity for two reasons given below. I also want to give my position on Tax Reform.

First: I declined signing this pledge because my commitment is to Mississippi and Political Action manipulation from Washington D.C. or anywhere for that matter carries no weight.

Second: The founder and President of “Americans for Tax Reform” is Grover Norquist. Unlike many politicians I care about who I associate myself with and who those people associate with. Here is an interview between Glenn Beck and Grover Norquist: Glenn Beck vs Grover Norquist. I have found enough concern at this point to leave the ATR to themselves.

As for Tax Reform in the United States: I support a new tax system along the lines of Ted Cruz’s “Simple Flat Tax Plan” (whether Cruz becomes President or not). For more information: Simple Flat Tax Plan.


The current functions of the IRS have become part of America’s problems vs part of the solution. The public trust for the IRS has been lost. That trust is fundamental to the effective ability to tax and maintain an open government.

From corporations to individuals, from the rich to the poor, covering every racial and gender lines we have all benefited from the carefree spending habits of our Federal Government for a very long time. The only citizens who have not benefited from the excess are those Americans not yet born and will inherit our National Debt. We are all responsible for a National Debt which will take decades to bring back to a manageable level even with aggressive policy changes. We all need to carry a burden to revive our Federal Government’s true economic strength. Printing additional money is not and economic plan but it has been used like one.

With the steady departure of American corporate and individual wealth to foreign countries around the world we have already seen the results of unfair tax burden distribution.  A flat tax creates an environment of fairness which is needed if any meaningful reform is to be successful and allow America’s wealth to stay in America.