National Debt

national debt


Let’s get honest about the National Debt and National Spending.


If there is one clear and present danger to the United States, then it would not be terrorism or social issues: it is our National Debt. A better description would be our National Spending Habits.

The truth is a majority of the rich as well as the poor throughout the First District of Mississippi understand we have a problem.  America is on a self-destructive path. The very thing outside forces could not accomplish throughout American history is the very thing we are doing ourselves: the loss of the Republic and the collapse of a nation.

Those who have not simply quit clearly see what is happening around us. Many of those citizens feel powerless to exact a change inside the status quo politics which is Mississippi. Many are willing to make the sacrifices needed to restore the Republic and the Fiscal Strength of the United States but it seems the government is simply not listening. Where is the outcry from Mississippi saying “For Goodness Sakes Stop.”?

If elected to Congress, then I promise the approach I will push for will not be easy. I also promise the burden will be shared by all. We all benefited from the gluttony of Liberal Spending Policies (Rich, Poor, All Races, All Creeds) and we all need to carry a proportional burden to get things back on track. With only 1 vote in 435 it is not an absolute this kind of recovery will ever take place within our Very Liberal Congress. My hope for the First Congressional District of Mississippi with its 744,000 voices will find the courage to proclaim “We are not ready to pass into the night.  We are willing to fight for some common sense.”

national debt

How can we recover the Fiscal Strength of America? It is not so hard. It only takes the conviction to make some common sense choices. Here are some of my choices:

I do not support the reduction of military capabilities needed to wage a two front war. This is contrary to the current President’s desire and Congressional spending habits. A small less capable military is not the answer.  (Common Sense)

I do not support the spending of Foreign Aid to countries which are not allied with the United States. Our county cannot spend a rogue nation into good behavior. (Common Sense)

I do not support crony capitalism such as the Export-Import Bank which Congressman Kelly voted to resurrect. If the free market is to work, then it has to work clear of subsides from the Federal Government. A free market is not supposed to be easy and success is not supposed to be guaranteed. (Common Sense)

I do not support the regulatory powers of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Education (DoE) held at the Federal Level and the spending needed to support these powers. Best oversight for these areas is at the State Level because the needs of states differ. (Common Sense)

I do not accept Healthcare has become a Right which should be managed and insured by the Federal Government. Government support of Healthcare should be limited to the fundamental population health to prevent the spread of disease and as “Charity” given by a benevolent American Nation. (Constitutional Sense)

I do not believe the “Safety Net” which is designed to catch Americans during the “down times” should be used as a “Safety Hammock” with long-term participation the expectation. (Common Sense)

I do believe in Mississippi. I do believe in the fortitude of the people to achieve the ability to provide for their families and their communities without perpetual federal government assistance. This is the road to self-determination. This is the road to liberties and true freedom. (Clever Sense)

The path which I would like to see for Mississippi is not an easy one. It is the path which will insure our nation’s future will endure and will not pass on the results of our gluttony to our children and grandchildren. Please join me in pushing back against the status quo politics of Mississippi and the United States. 744,000 voices can make a lot of noise if we use them together.

Vote Smart. Vote Clever.