American Farming Principles

  As the population of the United States and the World continue to increase the pressure on our planet and the farming community to feed a hungry world increases exponentially. Farming is complex but here are some basic principles which I (Paul Clever) will use when making decisions about farming.

   The role of federal government is to protect the consumers and to maintain a level playing field in agriculture. My position is each individual state is best suited to protect the environment.

  I support MCOOL (Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling) as it was originally written. If elected, then I would move to reintroduce the repealed parts of MCOOL: Beef and Pork/muscle-cut and ground.

   Under the current process I am opposed to GMO seeds and stock because of the potential for genetic mutations. From inception to consumer I do not believe enough time and safeguards are in place to protect future production (our future food supply). I am extremely conservative on GMOs but realize there is a need to relieve the pressures on farming where possible.

  I support Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Labeling…….period.

  Free Market is the foundation of America’s economy. It is a reality corporate farming has an advantage in efficiency but there is still room for the family farm to succeed if the “playing field” is level. I do not support NAFTA or TPP as they are written today. Taking care of the world’s problems are not always the solution to solving the problems of the American People.

  I am opposed to government subsidies used towards burning our food as fuel. Market forces should dictate the production and consumption of bio-fuels vs. government mandates.