Abortion of the Unborn

Based on fundamental human rights I am against all forms of abortion and if elected I would support a Constitutional Amendment which defines conception as the beginning of American Citizenship assuming all other citizenship requirements are met. This moves the debate out of the Courts and back into the law-making arena of Congress where it belongs.

The creation of a child between a Man and a Woman engaged in intimate relationship is a wonderful thing. The sound of little feet pattering down the hallway is a universal love song. To silence that song is an abomination.

After decades of “Health Classes” in Public Schools we should all know how babies are created. We should know when engaging in intimate relationships there are risks of creating an unplanned child. We should all know if we have the financial means to create a child or not. We should all know sometimes pro-active birth control methods fail. We should all know adoption is an option. This is not rocket science.

In my opinion the fundamental problem behind abortion of the unborn is an unwillingness of many Americans towards accepting responsibility for their actions. In some cases the creation of life is not the woman’s choice (rape).  Supporting these women during the pregnancy while quickly locating and convicting those men involved according to the law are both position I strongly support. The child is innocent and adoption supports the value of human life.

 Some see abortion as a convenience or even an alternate form of birth control when the simple truth is abortion is the heartless killing of a human life.