Paul Clever was born in August 1962 at Lackland Air Force Base Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. His father was serving in the Air Force and his mother stayed at home to take care of Paul and his sister, Donna. On February 5, 1969 SSgt Louis Clever and nine others were flying a combat mission in Southern Laos when their aircraft was shot down. It was left to Paul’s mother (Deborah Clever) to find the strength needed to raise her two children alone. She never remarried.

Soon after finishing High School Paul enlisted in the United States Navy. During his Cold War service he worked as a Nuclear Propulsion Operator on a Fast Attack Submarine assigned to the renowned “Swamp Fox” Submarine Squadron.

After completing six years of military service Paul owned and operated several small service-oriented businesses. Along the way he took night classes and completed an AAS degree at Calhoun Community College with Summa Cum Laude Honors (highest honors). During 2003 Paul met Nita Nusairam (Clever) and the following year the couple were married.

In 2006 Paul began work as a Diagnostic Engineer providing service to hospitals and laboratories throughout the mid-South. This position evolved into a managerial position working from Thailand and overseeing diagnostic service process throughout Southeast Asia (ASEAN).

During the spring of 2010 Paul observed an actual defense of democracy while he was living in Bangkok. During these protests he came under live fire from a well armed military and experienced a tear gas attack as local citizens were driven from the streets by the military. It was here Paul Clever became a staunch supporter of Second Amendment Rights as a deterrent against a government’s or military’s decision to press undemocratic will by force. The Clever’s son Markus was born shortly after the protests ended.

The loss of Paul Clever’s father in the Vietnam War was never far from Paul’s thoughts. No evidence had been presented which actually indicated Paul’s father or any of the individual crew members had been killed. Decades of research had determined the military had known all of the crew was not accounted for and still chose to close their investigation without returning to the crash site. For several years Paul found closed doors as he sought to reopen the loss investigation of his father. Instead of quitting Paul chose to take ownership of his father’s accounting.

 In December 2012 Paul and his wife Nita went to Laos, searched the jungle, located the crash site, recovered artifacts, and most importantly recovered human remains. Testing of those remains resulted in the identification of three of the crew members. One of those members was Paul’s father. On May 22, 2015 TSgt Louis Clever was laid to rest with his wife Deborah Clever at Jefferson Barrack National Cemetery near St. Louis, MO.

On April 30, 2015 Paul and Nita Clever were awarded the Commander Public Service Award Medal by 17th Training Wing Commander Colonel Kimberly Joos for services provided to the Air Force in bringing emotional closure to seven Air Force Vietnam War Era Families by providing the individual identifications of their missing loved-ones. The Clever’s continue to make journeys into Laos in search of American POWs and MIAs.

Paul and Nita currently own and manage investment properties throughout the Southeastern United States. Paul is also a nationally recognized advocate and public speaker for POW/MIA recovery efforts. He is the Director of Maximum Reco0very in Southeast Asia and is seated on the Advisory Board of the Jefferson Barrack POW/MIA Museum. On December 30, 2015 Paul and Nita returned from their forth recovery mission in Laos  and continue working towards bringing home Americans left behind on the battlefield.